Colt Model 1927 Serial Numbers

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The two Sistema model 1927 pistols featured on this web page were designed to be nearly exact copies of the Colt model pistol. Like the Colt, the Sistema is a recoil operated, self loading pistol that is chambered for the.45 ACP cartridge. It utilizes a front blade and rear adjustable sights and a 7 round detachable box magazine. The pistol weighs in at 2.43 pounds unloaded and its parts are fully interchangeable with those of the Colt 1911A1. During the late 1920's, the Argentine Commission for Foreign Acquisitions negotiated a contract with Colt for the manufacture of a self loading pistol that was chambered in.45 caliber. The contract specified that Colt would produce 10,000 pistols for the Argentine Army. This contract also specified that the entire knowledge base of manufacturing the pistols would be transferred to Argentine control. Guitar Pro Apk Free Download Full Version. This included drawings, manufacturing instructions, tool requirements, material specifications and that Argentine technicians would be trained in the manufacturing process and inspection.

Colt Model 1927 Serial Numbers

Oct 08, 2007 I would like to know what the value of my Colt M1911A1 Argentine Modelo 1927. The serial number is. I've seen foreign Colt.

This was required so that all future production of the pistols would take place in Argentina. In the mid 1940's, FMAP(Fabrica Militar de Armas Portatiles) or Argentine Military Small Arms Factory began to manufacture the pistols which were known as the Pistola Sistema Colt Modelo Argentino 1927 under the original 1927 licensing agreement.

Production started at the Esteban de Luca Arsenal in Buenos Aires, with the first pistols actually being assembled at the Domingo Matheu plant in Rosario, Argentina in 1945. These pistols were nearly exact copies of the original 1911A1 design with the only noticeable differences being the markings on the firearm, grips, finish, a sharp edge on the rear of the hammer, and a sharp edge on the heel of the grip safety. Also the checkering on the mainspring housing was an indented checkering rather then the Colt style of checkering. The Sistema model 1927 pistols were issued to all branches of the Argentine military as well as to the different branches of the government bureaus and police forces.

The pistol was also sold commercially. There was a total of 88,494 Sistema Colt pistols that were produced. The pictures of the two pistols on this web page was taken when the pistols first arrived and right out of the box. There was no attempt made to wipe away any of the packing grease or to make any repairs. The presence of the Argentine crest as seen in the left picture above indicates that this pistol was issued to the government. The pistols without the crests were issued to the local police force, a non-government agencies or were intended for commercial sales and export. Every Sistema Colt pistol will bear the marking D.G.F.M.

- (F.M.A.P.) on the left side of the slide. This marking indicates manufacture by the Direccion General de Fabricaciones Militares at the Fabrica Militar de Armas Portatiles. The photograph on the right is of the left slide markings showing the model of the pistol and the Calibre 11,25mm stamping. A second Sistema Colt Modelo 1927 that is in the collection. This pistol has different markings on it from the one above which made it a must for the collection. The photograph on the left is of the markings on the right side of the slide.

This stamping is as follows, Ministerio Del Interior, Policia de los Territorios Nacionales, Sist. The photograph on the right is of the left side of the slide and it has the D.G.F.M.

- (F.M.A.P.) marking that indicates manufacture by the Direccion General de Fabricaciones Militares at the Fabrica Militar de Armas Portatiles. As can be seen in all of the pictures above, these pistols were heavily sanded and refinished before importation into the U.S. Resource: Instruction manual The Colt.45 Automatic by Jerry Kuhnhausen Cartridges of the world by Frank C.

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