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Cabinet Pro is the software solution for both the small cabinet shop and the large manufacturer of cabinets. Batched Cut list Reports Batched Material Reports. Sheet layout optimization software creates optimized cutting diagrams for plywood panels, lumber, and other sheet materials.

MetalOpt is a 'keep it simple' bar optimization and cut list program that has been evolving and improving over the past several years to give the user both quick and accurate results. It utilizes a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to calculate the minimum material needed for any particular project. Not only does this program allow for the cutting of extruded aluminum, it can be applied for the cutting of structural steel, wood studs or moldings, as well as, miscellaneous composite panel materials and window or door stock length. The MetalOpt program utilizes your input data (the length, quantity, and the extrusion order length) to format it and to print a fabrication (FAB) sheet. When you are satisfied with the material requirements, you need only run the cut list portion of the program to produce a fabrication cut list. This program also now has the beneficial feature of allowing you to import data from AutoCAD into excel and export TAG information back to AutoCAD.

This multi-step process allows you to quickly manipulate the data until your ultimate FAB sheet is obtained. This is a major advantage to this program, in that it allows you to format many different parameters, and create the FAB sheet that best suits your needs. MetalOpt 7m introduces a Mac compatible version that utilizes the optimizer and cut list programs. Both the PC and Mac versions have a new recap routine to quickly create a recap sheet from one or all of the FAB sheets into one sheet to check or print.• The Mac version of Excel 2016 can run the signature programs of MetalOpt which is the material optimizer and cut list routine. • The Excel 2016 for Mac must be version 15.17 or newer. Older Excel for Mac versions are not compatible with the menu ribbon programing. • Both the PC and Mac versions of MetalOpt can run the new recap sheet routine.

• The PC version of MetalOpt must be used to utilize the AutoCAD material Tag data feature and the CSV export feature due to the use of activeX programing. MetalOpt 6.3 has an update adding a new fab sheet for the RazorGage saw stop and programing to create the RazorGage native file to be used directly on their software.• 1. Added RazorGage functions. Expanded the sorted data function from the CADDtools Data Exchange program. This will allow you to include up to eight additional preps per part and add it to the MetalOpt FOM and RazorGage fab sheet automatically. Added glass layer CADDtoolsGL functionality so MetalOpt can see the layer in AutoCAD.

Created small routine to repair quick buttons due to Windows anomaly. MetalOpt's capabilities have increased with the introduction of a new version, MetalOpt 6.1 MetalOpt will now optimize multiple spreadsheets at one time saving you time from extra mouse clicks. Another great function is the introduction of optimizing up to six different lengths at one time. It will then display all of the lengths, quantity required and percentage of scrap in a convenient chart that you can locate anywhere on the fab sheet. There are added capabilities to the CADDtools Data Exchange program with an additional Glass fab sheet to use the sorting routine in MetalOpt thus allowing you to import and export glazing data. Finally a routine was added to create CSV files of your data to use with automatic saw stops or create labels.

This feature allows you to import data from AutoCAD into Excel and export Tag information back to AutoCAD. This is a multistep process by creating the data in AutoCAD then extract the data using a the CADDtools Data Exchange program designed to use with AutoCAD. Once the data is extracted MetalOpt can use its visual basic program to import the data and make Fab sheets along with combining like sizes in one step. After you manipulate the data as you require, i.e. Add tag information, you use the MetalOpt program to export the Tag information directly to AutoCAD. Please refer to the Instruction Video page for detailed video instructions for more information.

CabinetCut is the new panel cutting optimisation software from ITF Software. A simple to use yet powerfull application that calculates the most efficient way to cut a collection of panels from sheets of board.

CabinetCut helps you choose the most efficient board size for each job, calculates exactly how much board will be required and the percentage of wastage on each job. CabinetCut produces a master list of all the material required (9 sheets per page) to give an overall picture of the cutting on the job. • Platform: Mac, Windows • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 712 KB. 1D-Nest linear cutting optimizer is the most efficient, friendly and powerful optimizer for cutting of materials provided in standard lengths, like bars, tubes, metallic profiles, extrusions, paper rolls, etc. Power: NO quantity limits for pieces to cut or Bars to cut from. Accept until 1000 different lengths of pieces to cut Accept until 100 different lengths of stock bars to cut from. Real time solutions Accuracy: The program algorithms can reach mathematical optimum solutions under default parameters conditions in the majority of cases.

• Platform: Windows • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 1 KB. Smart2DCutting is the smart solution for panel cutting optimization. Easy to use, with an intuitive interface, our software can help your business by reducing material waste and cost.

All you have to do is input panels and parts and start optimization. Cutting layouts can be saved and reused later without the need to run optimization again. Smart2DCutting supports multiuser connections which means you can have your data stored and accessed in one central location. Key features: - Highly optimized cutting layouts (avg. • Platform: Windows • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 6224 KB. Defines how to cut rectangular pieces from glass, ceramic, metal, drywall or veneer panels with minimal waste of material. The most of cutting tasks have to be done on construction sites where you should figure out how to cut pieces in fast-paced environment.

GNCutter takes complete care about cutting tasks and makes you life much easier. It instantly generates and displays complex layouts and cutting instructions right at your worksite. There are two cutting methods available: Nesting and Guillotine. • Platform: Handheld, Pocket PC, Windows • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 378 KB.

1DNest is the most efficient, friendly and powerful optimizer for cutting of materials provided in standard lengths, like bars, tubes, metallic profiles, extrusions, paper rolls, etc. Power: NO quantity limits for pieces to cut or Bars to cut from.

Accept until 1000 different lengths of pieces to cut Accept until 100 different lengths of stock bars to cut from. Real time solutions Accuracy: The program algorithms can reach mathematical optimum solutions under default parameters conditions in the majority of cases. • Platform: Windows • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 1 KB. Nesting Optimizer is a 1-dimension (length) and 2-dimension (rectangular) nesting software for generating optimized cutting plans from your cut lists and maximizing your use of material. Just define your part lists, the material list and Sawkerf size for each material, and with a click of a mouse button generate the optimized cutting plans. It specially designed to optimize the cutting layouts in the material metal, furniture, glass and similar industries.

• Platform: Windows • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 13701 KB. PLUS 2D is a state of the art nesting software for generating optimized layouts and reducing scrap generated by 2 dimensional cutting processes. It finds application in varied industries such as Glass cutting, Sheet Metal layout, Wood working, Building panel etc. Benefits: ENesting saves material and reduces scrap: The nesting technology is based on advanced cutting algorithms specifically designed to optimize the cutting layouts in shearing. It consistently delivers high utilization layouts, significantly reducing the waste and maximizing productivity. • Platform: Windows • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 12793 KB.

Eltima Flash Optimizer for Mac manages to dramatically compress SWF files up to 60-70% as it offers total control over each and every optimization option. This allows you to reach the most effective and quick compression specifically for your Flash file. Choosing predefined parameters of optimization, select any type of default compression settings from a drop-down list to apply its settings. To take advantage of batch compression add necessary Flash files to the task list and optimize them all at once with a single click. • Platform: Mac OS X • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 12615 KB. Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac is a proffessional Flash tool that can compress SWF files of all sorts like Flash banners, Flash slideshows, Flash animations, Flash games, Flash movies and Flash projector EXE, etc. By up to 70% with least quality loss.

It provides flexible modes for you to compress SWF files. You can simple choose a predefined settings or customize all parameters grouped in image, shape, sound, video and font settings.

Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac is a feature-rich and easy-to-use tool to compress SWF files, thus saving considerable amount of space, traffic and loading time. • Platform: Mac OS X • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 8624 KB. 1DCutX, an Excel add-in for design engineers and project managers that optimizes length cutting operations for manufacturers that cut a lot of linear materials. 1DCutX reads data directly from Excel spreadsheets, and instantly generates both the graphical layouts and a detailed cutting report within your Excel workbook. 1DCutX can reduce the usage of linear material by twenty to forty percent, compared to manual cutting. In addition to minimizing raw material waste, 1DCutX saves time, minimizes production costs, improves factory productivity and reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing products that are made from standard length bars, pipes, beams, and rolls. • Platform: Windows • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 1792 KB.

PLUS Replicam is digitizing software that helps you to generate accurate drawing of complicated shapes quickly, from digital images. Start off with a digital image of your template, calibrate the image in PLUS Replicam, trace the outline of the shapes automatically or manually and save it as DXF file.

Trace shape outline automatically or manually using lines, arcs, polylines and splines. Convert into a smooth tangential contour suitable for CNC..

Auto corner to automatically join segments at the corners. • Platform: Windows • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 8440 KB. Cut 2D X is an powerful automation component used for obtaining optimal cutting layouts for two dimensional surfaces. Cut 2D X can be used for cutting rectangular sheets made of glass, wood, metal, or any other material used by industrial applications. Cut 2D X can be used within any programming enviroment such as Delphi, C++Builder, Visual Basic, Visual C++ etc.

Features: Any length or width. Adjustable cutting blade thickness.

Download Pokemon Yellow Rom Psp Games. Adjustable optimization level. Manual arrange after optimization.

• Platform: Windows • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 371 KB. The PaneCutter program is used for automatic cutting plan design for manufacturers of furniture and other products made from sheet materials (wood, metal, glass, etc.), whose product range is wide or permanently changing. Due to its sophisticated, recursive algorithm, PaneCutter finds the optimum cutting plan with the least possible waste of raw material. It offers several solutions always sorted, so the most optimum is the first, but the user has the possibility to choose other solution. PaneCutter is an easy to use, user-friendly software. • Platform: Windows • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 141 KB. The FieryCut-RC nesting software creates nesting of parts from sheet metal (steel), wood, fabric, leather and any other sheet material.

The FieryCut-RC software creates CNC programs for profile cutting machines: laser, plasma, waterjet, diamond, wire. The software is integrated in the AutoCAD. The FieryCut-RC software consists of modules: -creation of parts geometry; -rectangular nesting of parts on a sheet material; -creating CNC programs for profile cutting machines. • Platform: WinOther • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 8407 KB. Astra S-Nesting software is intended for optimizing true shape nesting. The software can be used forcutting parts from metal, fabric, leather, wood, glass, stone and other sheet materials.All the features of Astra S-Nesting software were designed to make the nesting process as quick aspossible. Simple and intuitive tools of Astra S-Nesting allow you to quickly create an order, performautomatic nesting, manually adjust cutting layouts, if needed, print reports and export layouts to ISOG-codes, ESSI and DXF for processing with cutting machine.

• Platform: Windows • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 2652 KB. Raise your productivity and professional level of service using the latest optimization technology! CutMaster 2D is a professional rectangular nesting software package. It enables you to maximize the use of material by generating the most optimized cutting layouts.

It uses advanced algorithms, specially designed to optimize the cutting layouts in the panel metal, furniture, glass and similar industries. Take a look at what CutMaster 2D does for you: Significantly reduces panel waste and costs due to high material yield and reuse of offcuts. • Platform: Windows • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 2399 KB. Flash Optimizer for Mac is a powerful, feature-rich SWF compression utility. It easily reduces SWF files size up to 80 percent thanks to amazing algorithms of vectors, shapes, morphing, Z-buffer, fonts, and other optimizations, thus saving considerable amount of traffic and loading time. Unlike any other similar software it manages to optimize not only a separate part of your Flash movie, but the whole SWF, including curves, zero-objects, ZLib optimization and a whole lot more advanced techniques.

• Platform: Mac OS X • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 1802 KB. Photo Size Optimizer for Mac is a powerful photo resizer and optimizer on mac.

Photo Size Optimizer for Mac optimizes all photos by 80% to 20% compared to their originals, while keeping their original resolution and/or quality in a batch on Mac. With Photo Size Optimizer for Mac, you can resize hundreds of photos quickly and save huge space and share full-resolution photos with your friends much faster. Key features of Photo Size Optimizer for Mac: - One-click photo size optimization on Mac OS X. • Platform: Mac OS X • Publisher: • Date: • Size: 2945 KB.

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