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Deadly Innocence Scott Burnside Pdf Reader Average ratng: 5,8/10 2881reviews, RE: Electronic Book, 'Bernardo The Scarborough Rapist': Second Edition (print enabled) now available on the WWW. Keywords: Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka, Scarborough Rapist, Leslie Mahaffy, Kristen French, Leslie Mahaffy, Tammy Homolka, Serial Rapist, Serial Sex-murder On Christmas Eve of 1990 Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka raped and killed Karla Homolka's youngest sister, 15-year old Tammy Lyn Homolka. In 1991, Paul Bernardo abducted a Burlington, Ontario, teenager, 14-year old Leslie Erin Mahaffy. Leslie was held captive in the couple's St.

Catharines, Ontario home where she was repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted by Bernardo and Homolka before being murdered. Following her murder, Leslie's body was dismembered, entombed in cement blocks and dropped into Lake Gibson. Less than two weeks later, as the first of Leslie's dismembered body parts were discovered, Bernardo and Homolka married. In 1992, Paul and Karla Bernardo (a.k.a.

Deadly Innocence Scott Burnside Pdf ReaderDeadly Innocence Scott Burnside Pdf Reader

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The Teale's) abducted 15-year old St. Catharines teenager, Kristen Dawn French. Kristen was, like Leslie before her, repeatedly raped and sexual assaulted by the infamous schoolgirl sex-slayers.

Kristen was held for three days. When Karla decided the couple must attend her parent's home for Easter dinner -as an alibi- Kristen was murdered. In 1993 Karla Homolka-Bernardo (Teale) dealt with authorities and sold her cooperation and testimony in exchange for a twelve year prison sentence for her part in the rapes and deaths of three teenagers. In 1995 Paul Bernardo was convicted of first-degree murder for his part in the Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French slayings. He was jailed for life.

These are the widely know facts about 'Canada's Barbie and Ken Killers'. The story of Paul Bernardo, however, before he met Karla Homolka and bodies began piling up, dates back to 1984 when his first documented abusive relationship began.

Bernardo went on -beginning with a 1987 random rape- to terrorize residents of the Scarborough suburb of Toronto, Ontario. His reign as the reviled serial Scarborough Rapist lasted three-years.

Several books regarding the sex-slayings and the killers have been written. Two were the work of hack writer's and contained little truth. One, Deadly Innocence, by Scott Burnside and Alan Cairns (ISBN 0-446-60154-3, Warner Books) is quite factual and focuses on the daily lives of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.

I recommend it for those interested in the case. An earlier book, written between the Homolka plea-hearing and the Bernardo trial, dealt with cultural issues related to crime in general. These books were written and published previous to the dealing of outstanding charges against Paul Bernardo in relation to the death of Tammy Homolka and to his reign as the serial Scarborough Rapist. Another book surfaced in 1996. It was plagued by factual errors and, even though published after all outstanding charges against Bernardo had been dealt with, failed to explore the early crimes of Paul Bernardo as a serial rapist.

In January of 1997, after three-years of research, I published -electronically- and issued a limited release of 'Bernardo The Scarborough Rapist' (BTSR). The Portable Document Format (PDF) book, fully chronicles the crimes of the serial rapist. In addition, 'BTSR' examines the flawed investigations that allowed Bernardo's crime spree to continue unchecked until 1993, and, in summary, chronicles all crimes committed by Bernardo and Homolka and includes information regarding the infamous Homolka publication ban: 'The Deal with The Devil'. Now, in May of 1993, I am issuing a Second Edition of 'BTSR.' This edition contains updated information on the status of retired Ontario Provincial Police Officer turned justice activist, Gordon Domm, the only Canadian charged and convicted of violating the Homolka publication ban. And, updated information regarding Bernardo's former lawyers who once held the infamous 'Bernardo videocassette tapes'. In response to suggestions and requests from readers of the First Edition of 'BTSR,' I have removed all security measures and enabled printing functions.

While this is a commercial book, it is released, non-crippled, for your downloading and ease of reading without restriction. Instructions for payment are included in the introductory pages. And, if you cannot afford the low price of three-dollars (Canadian), payment is waived in lieu of a post-card or letter of acknowledgment.

To download 'Bernardo The Scarborough Rapist,' and link to the free PDF reader/printer software, visit (anonymously if you wish) the following URL: Michael Wass Bernardo Historian/Author 13 May 1997.