Eibar Shotgun Serial Numbers

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Feb 16, 2010 hi all, i am looking for any information on a laurona eibar 12 bore o/u i have just purchased from a friend. It says made in spain serial no: 98405.

Eibar Shotgun Serial Numbers

Select Category AYA (AGUIRRE Y ARANZABAL) Current manufacturer established in 1915, and located in Eibar, Spain. Currently imported by New England Custom Gun Service, Ltd.

(NECG), located in Claremont, NH. Previously located until 2010 in Plainfield, NH, and Fieldsport, located in Traverse City, MI. Previously imported by AYA USA, located in Old Saybrook, CT, Anglo American Sporting Agency, located in Corona del Mar, CA, H.G. Lomas Gunmakers, located in Elkhart Lake, WI, John F. Rowe, located in Enid, OK, William Larkin Moore 1969-1978 (with Agoura, CA import marking), and 1978-1986 (with West Lake, CA import marking). Diarm also manufactured AYAs circa 1986-1988 in Eibar, Spain.

AYA manufactured shotguns can be identified by serialization. Serial numbers over 600,001 with barrel flats marked 'Arms de Chasse' or 'Scotia Group' are post-1988 AYA manufactured while specimens numbered under 600,000 may have been manufactured by Diarm circa 1986-1989. Diarm manufacture is not covered by the AYA warranty, nor is the resale the same as values listed below. Please refer to the AYA and Spanish year of mfg. Date codes under Serialization in the back of this text for more information on AYA shotguns. From Blue Book Publications.

Hi, you can find the date of manufracture thru two means If its pre 95 you can use the SN (which you have, but can't read it). The range of SN will give you year they were made in. If its 95 to now its a code system, the first two numbers are the makers code, the second two numbers, what type of gun it is, the third set is the quanity of that gun made, the last code is the year made. For example: 16-03-123-05 16 - Maker (AyA) 03 - Shotgun 123 - this would be the 123rd gun of that type made that year 05 - Year 2005 Maybe you could give us the SN so someone can track the year down for you.

All the best!! Dating spanish guns is very simple. On the barrel flats there will be a letter with a * or a letter and a number with a * like: C* or C*1 Refer to this chart for the appropriate date: It appears to me yours was made in 1990 (proof marked) CORRECTION 1989 IS THE CORRECT YEAR, SEE ENTRIES BELOW I*2 lower left hand corner of the flat.

Libretto Istruzioni Audi A4 Avant 2011. As you also know, yours is an Ugartechea. See the makers stamp on the barrel flat opposite of the date stamp.

See link below for makers stamps. Serial numbers are very unreliable especially since they are rarely in sequence and vary between maker. Proof stamps are much more reliable and they are put on by the proof house once the gun is made.

Also the chokes markings are made based upon what the guns shoots and are done by the proof house. New guns will come with a proof card ( Banco de Pruebras) that will list proofing and date of proof with chokes as shot.

Proof marks work for all makers as all of the guns must be proved out by Spanish law before they can be sold. This gives you an uniform method of dating Spanish guns of all types. Italian/French proof marks work the same with a different coding system Last edited by on Thu Nov 29, 2007 9:30 pm, edited 1 time in total.