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Gino Vannelli Midi Files

'G' songs: George Benson - Give Me the Night MIDI Preview Midi Player: George Benson - Give Me the Night Guns N Roses - Knockin on Heaven's Door MIDI Preview Midi Player: Guns N Roses - Knockin on Heaven's Door Gilbert O Sullivan - Claire MIDI Preview Midi Player: Gilbert O Sullivan - Claire Gino Vannelli - I.

Help Me Choose – MIDI Songs Every version of a Yamaha MIDI Song or Style File is optimized for specific instrument models to take full advantage of their unique sounds, effects, and other features. While playback on other models is possible, these versions are designed to sound best on their recommended models. • General Midi (GM) Works on any instrument or computer software that can play back a standard MIDI File. Uses 128 basic instrument sounds that conform to the General MIDI standard. Does not contain lyrics and chords. • XA Optimized for PSR-2100/2000, PSR-1500 PSR-1100/1000, PSR-S550/500 and Clavinova CVP- 200 series, CVP-303, 301, 401 and 501. Includes some XG and GM information.

Does not display chords and lyrics. • XT Optimized for Tyros 1, PSR-3000, PSR-S710/700, PSR-S900, A-2000 and Clavinova CVP-601, 503, 405 and CVP-309. Includes XF and some XG information. Includes chords and lyrics on your instruments display. • XT2 Includes chords and lyrics on your instrument's display and controls Vocal Harmony. Optimized for Tyros 2 and 3, PSR-S750/S910 and Clavinova CVP-505 and 409 models. • XT3 Includes chords and lyrics on your instrument's display and controls Vocal Harmony.

Optimized for Tyros 3, PSR-S950 and Clavinova CVP-701 and 605 models. • XT4 Includes chords and lyrics on your instrument's display and controls Vocal Harmony. Optimized for Tyros 4, and Clavinova CVP-705, 609 and 509 models.

• XT5 Includes chords and lyrics on your instrument's display and controls Vocal Harmony. Optimized for Tyros 5, and Clavinova CVP-709 models.

I saw Gino for the first time since the 1970’s in Atlanta Georgia on December 6th in Melbourne Florida. It was my early birthday present to myself. His voice is still so amazingly beautiful and cuts deep to my soul. He can sing any type of music and make it flow so effortlessly. I love his song Gypsy Days and I’ve watched his you tube performance when he sang for the Pope. Such a talented and beautiful human being.

His concert was such a wonderful experience and brought back great memories. I am writing and sending my poems, compositions and wonderful congratulations for Gino long ago. I am doing creative activity and art.

And yet art is concluded to animate vulnerable soul of painter. I wrote very big support Gino, via my sincere words about his music and concerts. That his new achievements in music will be very enchanting and magic.

That his fans, when they listen to his New Album, will wait, having held their breath, his charming melodies, which are going from his musical mouth. Album will be strong, beautiful and precious, like sky rainbow. I value this personality for his diligence and industry in Music. But i am upset so because i didn’t get any word from him or his team. And to know how he values my work and all what i am writing and creating. Opinion about my letters.

I don’t know how to connect to him yet. Where it may write. May be manager will answer me.

A something contact. And yet I have only, little musical composition by which he will interested, i think. It is unfinished for piano. In these sounds one may hear human experiences. Simply charming introduction. Help me please to knock to Gino!!!

So my belief and expectation are withering, like beautiful petals of flowers. Maestro Vannelli: I just discovered the Song Book download. This is like finding a masterpiece in a bottle on a deserted beach! I have no words! Mafikizolo Khona Download Zippy Share. I saw you live for the first time In Northfield Park, Ohio on. I was perfect in every context! I have been enjoying and studying your works since I first heard “Where Am I Going” in 1975.

I was a full-time professional musician at the time and incredibly, a local radio station played the full song for the first time! I was driving to a music store and I literally pulled off the road to listen. When the song ended, I was in shock and remember saying to myself- out loud “The Caruso of the modern age”! Your extraordinary gifts of composition, arranging and performance have been and continue to be a source of motivation in my exploration of music since that day in 1975. Excuse the verbosity!

Highest Regards to you and your loved ones. Just discovered this wonderful gift. Thank you so much for this Gino, and for the incredible music that you have given to us over the years.

My dad, (A very hip dude), introduced me to “Brother To Brother” back in 1978, mainly because as an aspiring drummer, he thought I’d enjoy the wonderful drumming on that album. He was right of course, but more than that I instantly loved everything about the album, not least your awesome vocals and lyrics that I identified with at that time in my life. It’s still one of my all time favourite albums. In fact, many of your lyrics over the years have been very pertinent to my own thoughts and feelings. Perhaps it’s because we are close in age, and went through the various stages of life at the same time. Whatever, thank you Gino for the inspiration and at times comfort, that your music has given to me.

Love from England mate.Pete. Dear Gino, thank you for this great songbook. You’ve created the musical background of my life ever since the release of Powerful people back in the 70ies (when I was in high school).

I was totally blown away and it marked the start of a lasting career of enjoying your fantastic music. Now, over 40 years later, I am looking forward to your concert in April in Hilversum the Netherlands, the place where I went to school back then.

Can’t wait to see you performing life again! Thank you again and all the best.