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Description 7 CDs description from /-- Do You Wake Up Every Morning Feeling 100% Fulfilled? Let’s not skirt the issue here. Do you wake up every morning knowing – with every fiber of your soul – that you’re enjoying the best possible life you can make for yourself? Do you love your work? Do you spend enough time with the family? Are you earning enough?

Are you putting your potential and talents to full use? Are you as healthy as you should be? Are you truly happy? 99% Of People Would Say ‘No’ It’s no surprise really. We’ve all got issues in our lives that need fixing, whether they’re professional, personal or health-related.

Module 7 Quantum Jumping Burt

Issues that we just can’t seem to iron out, no matter where, how or who we look too. In fact, sometimes we’ve searched so much for the answer that we begin to wonder whether it really exists anywhere in this universe! Here’s the thing – sometimes, it doesn’t. And that’s where my secret comes in. Because this secret has laid both the foundations of all my personal successes, and also the successes of every single person I’ve revealed it to. It has helped me: Instantly pick up new skills like painting, photography and singing Make the best decision when faced with multiple options Find inspiration, wisdom and knowledge in every situation Take charge of my past, present and future, giving me constant peace of mind That secret is a technique I call Quantum Jumping, and I’ve promised myself to share it with the world in 2009 – because I can’t keep it to myself any longer with a clear conscience. What On Earth Is Quantum Jumping?

Module 7 Quantum Jumping Burt

Quantum Jumping - Burt Goldman. Quantum Jumping CD1 02 Module 1 - Source Foundations & Other Amazing Concepts Burt Goldman - The American Monk.wma.

Quantum Jumping is the process of “jumping” into parallel dimensions, and gaining skills, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration from alternate versions of yourself. Are you still with me? Did that sound crazy? It did to me at first – and that’s precisely why I’ve been holding on to it until the right time, a time when someone like you would be willing to open your mind to it. And that time is now. Because some of the finest minds on the planet are starting to discover evidence supporting my claims. Geniuses like Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku and Neil Turok, all of whom are responsible for unbelievable breakthroughs in the field of quantum physics.

But just as important as the acknowledgement of experts is what I’ve seen and experienced for myself. After sharing Quantum Jumping with selected students in my seminars, I’ve seen incredible results. Stories of inspiration, stories of rags to riches, the kind of stories you’d usually only find in those feel good Hollywood blockbusters. And now it’s time for you to have your own story – which is why I’ve compiled a FREE 6-module Quantum Jumping Introduction Course, so that you, and as many people as possible can gain an understanding of this remarkable phenomenon, and change your life for the better. You’re About To Experience Quantum Jumping For Yourself Designed specifically to help you understand everything about the Quantum Jumping phenomenon, the modules in the Quantum Jumping Introduction course are jam-packed with tons of free content, stories and gifts from Burt. Once you’ve gone through this rich multimedia course for yourself, you’ll have a firm understanding of Quantum Jumping, what it can do, and how it’s going to change your life. Udp:// 3.

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From the 85-year-old, former disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda and the late Jose Silva’s top instructor, Burt Goldman Discover a Revolutionary New System that Amplifies Your “Thoughts Creating Reality” Process and Opens You Up to a New World of Advanced Mind Power Quantum Jumping, uses unique guided imagery, deep meditation and the results of years of study to train you to tap into the power of advanced dimensions of your mind – to accomplish things you once thought impossible. (70,000+ students can’t be wrong). For Those Who Wants To Amplify Their Ability To Alter Reality By Attracting Meaningful Coincidences, Tapping Into Intuition And Skyrocketing Creative Potential Remember your childhood dreams? Maybe you wanted to be a world-class chef, or an inventor, or a writer.

Maybe you still do. Maybe you dreamt of somehow changing the world, or starting your own business, or becoming so rich and successful that you know you and your loved ones wouldn’t have to want for anything in this life. And then what happened? The same thing that always happens. As you grew older, you started to conform to the norms that society puts on us and had to live in what they call the “real world.” You were told to “stop daydreaming” by your teachers, or “be realistic” by your parents. You were made to walk the path of what you should do, and in turn moved further and further away from the path of what you could do. Bills and responsibilities started pouring in, and before you knew it Your childhood dreams had vanished into thin air.

But open your mind for just a few minutes. Imagine, that somewhere out there in the deep vastness of space and time, there is another version of you in another universe who didn’t give up on those dreams. What You Are About To Read Could Completely Alter Your Concept Of Reality Whether you believe alternate universes exist or otherwise, just imagine for argument’s sake that they do. And that within these universes, alternate versions of yourself are living out their lives, just as you are.

Imagine that somewhere out there, in one of these universes, there’s a billionaire you, a rock-star you, a supermodel you Now imagine if you could jump into those universes Meet these alternate versions of yourself And find out what they did to get to where they’re. Learn their skills, their experience, their wisdom. Find out how they became successful.

How they discovered their talents. How they generated massive wealth. How they got so healthy, and why they’re so happy.

What if you could meet the successful you and learn from them how to boost your wealth and career—even if you’ve never had much luck at business? What if you got the chance to sit down with the musical you, and learn from them how to play the guitar like a pro—even if you’ve never strummed a note in your life? What if you could talk to the athletic you, and find out exactly how they stay fit and sexy—even if you’ve never been very health conscious yourself? In short, imagine meeting a you who is everything you’ve ever secretly wished you could be. Stick with me now, because I’m going to show you how to do exactly that. What Part of Your Reality Is Real Anyway?

Remember the movie, The Matrix? Remember how people were able to instantly download skills and experiences into their minds? They became kung-fu masters, helicopter pilots, engineering experts all in a matter of minutes. Skills that normally take years to master were theirs in the blink of an eye. Yes, The Matrix was a movie—but what if that part of it was real? And what if, without having to live in the future and fight giant robots, you could experience it too?

But before you get ideas of space travel and starships, you should know. You Don’t Need A Rocket Ship To Explore The Universe Now I hate having to burst anyone’s bubble of having adventures through space but no, you won’t actually leave this planet. I have with me, a technique that makes learning new skills, discovering new ideas, and achieving remarkable feats a matter of saying yes or no. And it’s made to be an out of this world experience. That technique is called Quantum Jumping. Think of it as creative visualization like you’ve never experienced it before. It’s the combination over more than 30 years of research into fields like hypnosis, yoga, meditation, feng shui and remote viewing to name a few.

I’ve experimented, tweaked, and Quantum Jumping is the sum total of my experiences. It is a highly advanced visualization technique that allows you to vividly visualize meeting alternate versions of yourself in alternate universes – and using them to help engineer your ideal existence. It’s the technique that has served as the backbone for many of my life’s accomplishments, it has helped change the lives of many of my students for the better, and now I sincerely hope it will do the same for you. Just imagine the wisdom and experience you could get from speaking to your alternate selves – versions of you who’ve made different sets of choices and decisions in life. Think of how you could benefit from all their experiences, learn their skills and make better decisions. I see it as discovering your true potential.

A potential you could never possibly have achieved, had you not got in touch with the “Universal You” – the you that you were always meant to be. All You Need Is An Open Mind And The Power Of Intent Once you have the will to learn, I’ll show you how you’re able to use the untapped power of your mind to “jump” into alternative universes, and visit alternate versions of yourself who already have the skills, knowledge and experience you desire.

The more creative you. The passionate you. The healthier you. They’re all out there somewhere – and they’re all waiting to meet you. What the mind can believe, it can achieve. But before I go further into how it works and what it can do for you, I find it right that you should know a little bit more about myself.

I’m one of those lucky people who discovered a secret early in life. I spent over 50 years cultivating my knowledge and studying with some of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers. Today, I’ve settled in California and will spend the next few minutes sharing a few important lessons with you. When I was just nineteen, I was with the American Occupation Forces in Korea. I had a Korean-American buddy who told me of a mystic he had met while he was wandering around the outskirts of Seoul. I got to meet that mystic.

In that small home of Mr. Kwan Jung, whose name I later learned meant strong and righteous, I heard things I’d never thought of before. I learned about Qi, or energy, and Li, the control of this energy.

Suddenly Korea turned into much more than just a place to bide my time until I returned to the States. This was my first dip into the metaphysical world I knew so little about. Over 50 Years Of Exploration In The Deepest Depths Of Human Mind I was then transferred to Hawaii where I met my first Kahuna Master.

I was told the teachings of Kahuna were secret and the word “secret” in the Hawaiian language was huna, which meant, known to very few. I was fascinated by what I had learned in Hawaii and wanted to know more but there were no Kahunas in the US at that time. After my discharge from the army, I heard of a great swami and my curiosity led me to Paramahansa Yogananda.

I learned the art of meditation at the feet of this great master, who brought meditation and yoga to the West. After Yogananda passed on in 1952, I sought other ways to fill my cup with knowledge. I read everything I could on the subject of the mind and the variety of ways to use it. Next, I explored hypnotism and was fascinated by it. I practiced it for many years, all the while researching and learning. By then I had also become proficient in hand acupressure, a component of acupuncture without puncturing the body. I began healing and teaching people to heal by simply pressing on two parts of the subject’s body with the middle fingers of my left and right hands.

My teachings at the time were for small groups, or individuals. I had not yet gotten the idea of world travel, or gathering large groups of people. At this point in my life I heard about Jose Silva, and tried my hand at helping him run his mind control seminars. After injecting some of my own techniques I became his number one instructor and remained in that position until I left the organization. I didn’t stop there. I went on to study the ancient Chinese system of Feng Shui, I became a Psychic, and I mastered NLP. At my peak I conducted seminars for Heads of States, European Royalty and amassed audiences numbering up to 700.

Now at the age of 80+, traveling around the world to do seminars would be too much. And so I’ve decided to spread my knowledge in a different way: through the internet. The internet allows me to share my knowledge with the world, and enable people like you to easily tap into the latent power of your mind.

I offer nothing but proven, time-tested techniques that have been conceived, tested and fine-tuned with hundreds of thousands of participants throughout the world. Techniques that could very well change your life for the better. Let me tell you how Sarah Zuniga used Quantum Jumping to change her life. Sarah was a housemaid in Cleveland, Ohio. Her salary fluctuated as she worked for eight dollars an hour but didn’t have enough accounts to bring her a forty-hour week. She told me her average wage was $265 a week. Her husband had his own business as a floor waxer and brought in an additional $700 a week and between the two salaries they made do.

Sarah came to one of my classes and was fascinated by the concept of her having other selves in other dimensions—who were exactly the same as her, with the same husband, same parents, same friends, same children—but who was very successful. She couldn’t wait to visit one of her alternate selves that fitted the description. So one day as she went into a Quantum Jump, she decided she would visit a successful version of herself, in a business that she loved. She jumped through and suddenly, she reported, she saw her alternate self, and she visualized herself walking over to this twin.

Her intent of course was what influenced her thoughts. She wanted to be successful, she wanted to make a $150,000 a year, but most of all she wanted to be a decorator.

She imagined herself talking to her alternate self. She thought she heard her saying “Dress up houses for sale,” and like me, didn’t know what it meant. She asked me what I thought it meant and I said I didn’t know. I asked if she cleaned any houses that were for sale and she said no.

She was suddenly very quiet and thoughtful as the class went on. Sarah was now paying no attention to me and during a break I asked her what was going on? “I just got sort of an idea and I want to see if I should get excited about it or not,” she said. With my permission she got on the stage and asked if there were any real estate salespeople in the room. 4 hands were raised; and Sarah said “I have an idea and Burt is allowing me to present it because it kind of proves that this stuff works.“ Then Sarah asked the four real estate salespeople what they thought about her idea. Her idea was that a house that’s been on the market and can’t sell may be because it needs to be spruced up.

Sarah said she is starting a company that will clean spotless and decorate those run down houses so that they will sell.“What would you charge?” one fellow asked, Sarah told me later she had no idea what to charge but a figure just came to mind and she said, $500. I’m making a long story short here because Sarah got 3 houses to work on from that class and as she averaged 8 hours on each job she had made exactly 8 times as much as she did by just cleaning houses. I could almost write a book about Sarah and her husband Peter because Sarah wound up with more than she could handle and hired 2 girls, then 3 more, then 7, and soon she had 87 women working with and for her.

Peter closed his floor waxing shop to come in with Sarah, and Sarah hasn’t cleaned a house in a year. All thanks to Quantum Jumping.

You Too Are A Quantum Jumper, And You Didn’t Even Know It I’ve studied for over 3 decades to bring Quantum Jumping to you – and in that time, I’ve tested it on myself, my students, researched it, and perfected it to a point where anyone can get profound results out of it. Which is why I can safely say you don’t need any form of meditation or visualization talent, or any form of gift whatsoever. No matter what your experience is, Quantum Jumping empowers you with all the skills, knowledge, wisdom and experience you’ll ever need. The only prerequisite is an open mind and the power of intent. How Quantum Jumping Will Change Your Life Now just imagine for a moment you could find a way to “jump” into these alternate universes.

That you could meet an infinite number of alternate versions of “you“ Imagine that you could examine their ways and learn their methods, draw upon their skills, experience and wisdom, find out how they become so happy, talented or successful. What if you could meet the successful you and learn from him or her how to boost your wealth and career – even if you’ve never had much luck in business? What if you got the chance to sit down with the musical you and learn from him or her how to play the guitar – even if you’ve never strummed a chord in your life? What if you could talk to the creative you and find out exactly how to effortlessly conjure ideas – even if you regularly struggle to find inspiration? In short, imagine meeting a “you” who does exactly what you want to do. Course Information How Exactly Do You Experience Quantum Jumping?

All you need to do is sit down and follow my lead as I guide you through each and every technique to mastering Quantum Jumping, from beginner level visualizations to highly advanced exercises. Absorb the principles and history behind each and every one of them. Listen as I inspire you with tales of success, and how you can make them yours. And finally, smile as you realize your life is about to change forever.

Available EXCLUSIVELY on this site, the groundbreaking Quantum Jumping I course will guide you through the entire process of learning, mastering and changing your life with the Quantum Jumping phenomenon. The Ultimate Quantum Jumping Course. • A collection of powerful and easy-to-use Alpha exercises designed to guide you into a deeper state of mind, so you can effortlessly communicate with your alternate selves. * This is the core of the Quantum Jumping experience. Eye-opening lessons for a better understanding of the concepts behind Quantum Jumping, so you can fully immerse yourself into your practice, and enjoy better results.

• Powerful meditative techniques to amplify your Alpha Exercises. These will help you experience more vivid and controllable Quantum Jumps that better serve the area of your life you want to improve. • Cutting-edge insights into the innermost workings of your mind, so you can finally realize the full extent of your inner potential and think and act like the most extraordinary achievers. • Fascinating case studies that will help you understand the limitless possibilities of Quantum Jumping, and give you ideas for new ways to use it in your own life. • Highly intimate accounts of how I and my students have used Quantum Jumping in creative ways to solve problems and accomplish goals • And much, much more You’ll find more details of what’s in each module below.

Chapter 2: Jump Into Abundance Abundance is present all throughout the universe. The only problem is many of us feel guilty asking for it. I did too, until I realized that abundance, along with material possessions like money or wealth, can manifest in many other exciting and incredible ways. It gives you and your family the life you deserve whilst having a steady stream of income that allows your creative soul to flourish. • This module will aim to create the freedom and space to do what you want to do, while giving back to the community you love. • Attract Abundance — access a twin-self who already has the rich life, and universal “rhythm” that you desire. Learn how to access the abundance of your twin-self and bring it back into this universe with you.

• Learn and practice attracting abundance with 4 powerful Quantum Jumps — jump into an abundant mindset, jump into a lucky you, jump into a savvy investor and finally jump into ultimate wealth. Chapter 3: Jump Into Ideal Health I need you to know this age is merely a number. In my 80’s I became an entrepreneur and created my own business, I made my first music CD, moved to a bigger home, learned to play the piano and even became a featured artist and photographer. Health is just an extension of your belief system, the same as aging.

In this chapter I will show you how to extend your energy and lifespan while slowing down your aging, so you can make these next decades the most exciting yet. If you are suffering from an illness, this chapter will give you some tips and techniques to accelerate your body’s natural healing process. • Enjoy Ideal Health — how to change your attitude toward your health – so that when you have it, you see it as something deserved and valuable.

• Improve your health and attract your ideal body with 4 powerful Quantum Jumps — jump into your ideal body, jump into your energized self, jump into invincible health, jump into a healthy mindset. Chapter 4: Jump Into Healthy Relationships It’s never too late for romance or mind-blowing passion. I am getting married for the second time after my wife passed away. If I can create a healthy relationship in my late 80’s, then you can too!

Deep down all of us have a Casanova or a gorgeous seductress waiting to get out, it’s just the boxed-in thinking that holds it back, in this chapter you will learn to open up your heart to not just be attractive and charismatic, but be the kind of lover that your spouse deserves. Love is as vital to our soul as water is to our body, the problem is most of us are too scared to bring it out. Here I will show you step by step how to mold yourself into a dream lover. • Cultivate Healthy Relationships — the basics of what makes relationships work. When two people relate to one another, when there is an equality between the two, when both partners fulfill the other’s needs – that is what makes a good relationship.

• Attract your ideal mate, strengthen relationships you already have with 4 powerful Quantum Jumps — jump into loving relationships, jump into attracting the ideal mate, jump into fun friendships, jump into healthy family dynamics. Chapter 5: Jump Into Career and Success In my time I have travelled the world and lectured to crowds of thousands of people, and one thing I’ve noticed is the type of people drawn to Quantum Jumping all have a common definition of success to have the income and the freedom to give back to the people and community they love, and to pursue creative endeavors, which could be anything from wanting to play music, to writing a book or starting your own business. Put simply, success is the combination of freedom and the ability to express your creativity while contributing back to the world. We all have a different definition of success. This part of the program has been designed to teach you how to reach your full potential no matter how YOU define it.

• Soar In Your Career — how to look at your career as your “path” through life. Learn how to use Quantum Jumping to navigate the many forks in this path – and quickly reach your dream destination.

• Success consists of a series of choices — even the seemingly inconsequential ones. Learn how Quantum Jumping can help you choose wisely and allow you to see the results before taking a decision.

• Provide value to the world through our work and enjoy success in all areas of your life with 4 powerful Quantum Jumps — jump into a purposeful career, jump into a happy workplace, jump into the power of the mentor, jump into blissful success. Chapter 6: Jump Into a Happy Home You’re personal space – your home, your office, your car – are important, but a lot of us get too caught up setting goals in our careers rather than at home.

You know those sitcoms with the picture perfect families; the wife is madly devoted; the husband is always charismatic and witty, while the kids are cute and curious? Well, it’s not how most of us see our personal space, but you can achieve the Brady Bunch-like existence if you so desire. This chapter will teach you how to create a sense of harmony and belonging in your family dynamics, and will help you realize that you have more influence over behavioral patterns in your home than you think but it all starts with changing yourself through this Quantum Jump. • Establish A Happy Home — a happy home is where there’s a lot of positive energy. Attract more positive energy and you’ll have a happy home. However, it isn’t as simple as broadcasting your intentions to the universe.

There are natural forces that can help you with this. • Learn how to arrange your home and life to attract cosmic energy with 4 powerful Quantum Jumps — jump into clutter-free, jump into Feng Shui guru, jump into the green clean, jump into home harmony. Jump Into Spiritual Connection If you’re anything like the 40,000 who practice Quantum Jumping, you know that there is a deeper level to your spirituality than what you’re currently experiencing. Wayyyy deeper.

The profound guided visualization you will experience in this chapter will open up levels of spirituality that you can’t access through meditation alone. I’ve spent the best part of over 50 years studying everything I can – feng shui, creative visualization, guided meditation, reiki – I was even America’s #1 instructor for the Silva Method. Quantum Jumping is a powerful combo of all these techniques, designed to open you at your core and connect with your inner self.

After just a few weeks of study you will feel more connected to the rest of humanity, your intuition will sharpen, you will feel peace and calmness and hold no fear of death. The answer lies in keeping an open mind. The answer lies in keeping an open mind and throwing off the dumb rules that society and dogma brainwash us into. • Strengthen Your Spiritual Connection — discover how you can experience what different religions and philosophies tell you different things about what you’ll find on “the other side” – and know what’s waiting for you after you pass on. • Understand secrets of the spiritual plane with 4 powerful Quantum Jumps — jump into open heart, jump into energetic connection, jump into your spirit center, jump into inner peace. Chapter 8: Jump Into Life Adventure We are all souls experiencing existence, yet we get held back by the silly societal rules that stop us from experiencing what life really has to offer – love, travel, excitement, laughter, passion and adventure. In this Quantum Jump you will not just amplify your sense of adventure, but I will take you through a journey where you will visualize all the things you want to sense before you die.

Many people have told me that by using this Quantum Jump they find that interesting opportunities and adventures appear as if by magic – but why keep it all for yourself? They say sharing is caring, so this jump will not just bring excitement into your life, but will also show you how to infect everyone you touch with a sense of adventure too. • Discover A Life Adventure — Learn the secrets to creating an exciting experience or mission in life that involves both choice and change.

Learn how to break free of your limits and turn your life into a series of bold adventures using Quantum Jumping. • Embark on a bold new adventure everyday with 4 powerful Quantum Jumps — jump into boundless excitement, jump into fun opportunities, jump into exotic flavors, jump into gentle breeze. So What Does It All Mean? “Met Several of My Twin Selves” I’ve enjoyed the Quantum Jumping course. I’ve met several of my twin selves and have received answers from them in very unique ways. Once when I made an offer on a new home and wanted to ensure I got it. I went into a Quantum Jump and met the Alicia that already lived in that home.

She was in the kitchen cooking. She took off her apron and gave it to me and said “Here, it’s yours now. You will be the one cooking in this kitchen.” Thanks for introducing me to this concept! “A Truly Awesome Experience.” The Quantum Jumping Program is absolutely fantastic.

I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish but had no idea where to start. Well, the door literally opened. I’ve used Quantum Jumping to learn how to write novels and improve my public speaking. It was a truly awesome experience. As I cross items off the top of my ‘To Do’ list, I’m adding more to the bottom. The Quantum Jumping course has been the best investment I’ve made in the last 40 years of searching.

• Stan Walters. Get ready to supercharge your manifestations!

I will be with you all the way throughout this course, guiding you and ensuring that you meet your goals. Together, we will unravel the phenomenon that is the New Moon and its power of attraction. Then, you will learn to harness the power of this lunar phenomenon, starting with your first lunar meditation exercise — which I promise is going to be spectacular. You will also be trained to welcome more abundance into your life with lunar programming.

I will be concluding this course with an introduction to The Super Moon, which I must say is utterly exciting, because it takes you to a dimension beyond our realm. Wait till you experience it! You Don’t Have To Make Up Your Mind Now — Try This Quantum Jumping Course Risk-Free For The Next 90 Days And Then Decide Now you don’t have to say yes straight away. Just a maybe will do. You can literally hit the play button on the your first quantum jumping, just 2-3 minutes from now.

Because we know that for the next 90 days you can test Quantum Jumping I Course, and if you’re not happy for any reason, you can get a full, no-questions-asked refund. Really, try it out.

Use the tools everyday Share it with your spouse, boss, mom, dad, sister, your friends and hear what they say. Let them be the judge. Don’t say “YES” to it unless they agree the results are completely over-the-moon. Your investment in this course is protected by our no-questions-asked money-back policy. Become The Person You Have Always Wanted To Be If you have read up until this point, you are clearly drawn to this course.

Trust that instinct. It is your heart, mind and soul seeking the tools to redefine themselves.

Some people never truly “live” their lives. Their days are filled with a series of “shoulds,” and they never feel the blissful, magical charge that comes from being truly happy and congruent with your soul. This is a tragedy, because you have everything you need within you to live a life of amazing joy, meaning and abundance.

Anyway, there you have it. I’ve told you how Quantum Jumping has changed my life. How it changed the lives of those who learned it from me. And in case you are skeptical, I’m giving you the time and opportunity to test it yourself.

Just $147 and 15 minutes a day is a small investment to pay for how radically this can impact your happiness, health, relationsips, success and career. The only question is, are you ready to live your ideal life and become the person you always wanted to be? To shake off every ounce of self-doubt, inability, procrastination, fear and uncertainty, and in their place discover an endless sea of inspiration, abundance, wisdom and knowledge? With Quantum Jumping, the universe will show you how. To a better you, Burt Goldman Author of Quantum Jumping. Each part of the home training program trains you on a different area of your life — so the results you get really depend on your own personal reasons for using it. In Part 1: Quantum Jumping, Chapter 6, for example, aims to help you become better at attracting, saving and investing money.

Want to mend and strengthen your relationships? Pay more attention to chapter 4.

Need to boost your memory and intuitive senses? Try chapter 2. As to how impactful these results can be, well let us put it this way: the more dedicated you are to mastering Quantum Jumping, the more it will give back to you.

I have a busy life, how can I find time to practice enough? Understand that a mind- and life-shift is a process — it takes time. Most people will start to feel better immediately, but it can take a few weeks before you really get deep enough in the program to see the potential you have inside you.

So we encourage you to be patient, because the results are worth it. That being said, if for whatever reason you decide this course isn’t for you, we have a dedicated support team that will gladly refund your money within 90 days, so you have plenty of time to decide for yourself. ““These Ideas DO Work!” I’ve personally used my own form of Quantum Jumping in my life, but my partner was never able to understand my explanations or to progress in his own life. He took a real liking to Burt Goldman’s soft and gentle approach and the impact that Quantum Jumping is having in his life is fun to watch. It has also been a real blast for me to further my own results too. Thanks Burt for your gentle and easy-to-follow videos and audio.

I’d definitely recommend Quantum Jumping to anyone because these ideas DO WORK! • Carol Harse.

H5(txt-semibold _nomargintop).“Make This Your Highest Priority” I tried Quantum Jumping to achieve a life of wealth and abundance which, despite my efforts, was progressing slowly. Quantum Jumping has provided me the vehicle to really know that life is right at my fingertips. I see the progress I am making in my life and the ability to control my thoughts to any end I desire. Would I tell my friends about Quantum Jumping?

As I told a dear friend of mine the other day, make taking this course your highest priority and we will no longer have conversations of your fears. • Dee Hoffman. “Thanks For Getting Me Through A Difficult Time” Years ago, my husband and I were going through divorces and dealing with uncontrollable stress and your teachings got us through it.

We’ll celebrate our 20th anniversary next month and have a blended family who not only are glad we married each other, but love to be with us. I just wanted you to know that teaching someone the power of their mind is not only invaluable information, but it is never lost—even with the passage of time. Thanks for getting me through a difficult time.

“Thanks For Getting Me Through A Difficult Time” Years ago, my husband and I were going through divorces and dealing with uncontrollable stress and your teachings got us through it. We’ll celebrate our 20th anniversary next month and have a blended family who not only are glad we married each other, but love to be with us.

I just wanted you to know that teaching someone the power of their mind is not only invaluable information, but it is never lost—even with the passage of time. Thanks for getting me through a difficult time. “It’s A Beautiful Relaxing Journey” I really enjoyed the quantum jumping program and it really cleared many questions to me. Since I was a child I used to see visions of future events which could not explained neither understand it.

When these visions used to appear to me always before I sleep in my bed, honestly I used to think that I had a mental illness but after hearing your lectures by chance I immediately bought the cd’s and it was a relief, I felt that I am not insane anymore but gifted and I have to appreciate my visions and not to run from it. I recommend everyone to try the quantum jumping because it’s a beautiful relaxing journey not to miss which can help him or her in their life. • Alia Beydoun Lebanon. “My Health Is Improving Since I Started Quantum Jumping” My life has been exciting most of the time, until the year 2010. I’ve had my ups and downs but thanks to positive thinking books that I read back in the early 70’s and using the principles to live.

I got by and enjoyed living. In 2011 came number of health problems that effected my vocals and breathing. For 30 weeks I suffered. At that time I found Burts website and read about Quantum Jumping. I wasn’t sure about it, I’ve always had an open mind to new ideas or other ways at looking at things. Life got in the way, and I was pulled away into other things. Then in July I had a dream.

I found myself in another existence, and I was talking to a different me. A me, who jumped into other realities, who learnt from other parts of himself. I was told forcefully to do Dimension Transference. I had never heard of it. I woke up and the Dream stayed with me.

Day after day, I could not get the experience out of my head. I was surfing the net one evening and came across Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping. THIS WAS THE ANSWER. I have purchased the system and my life is changing before me. Health is better. My positive thinking is back with a feeling of joy.

I’m making a lot of new friends and they are all me. Me, in different realities. I have also started painting pictures again and I seem to be hundreds of times better at it than I was when I was younger. People say I should sell my work. I’m doing just that and it is going to work. Another me told me so. I believe that you have to be in the right frame of mind to understand this method of communication.

I would definitely recommend Burt’s Quantum Jumping Experience. • Christopher Graham UK. “Easy & Affordable” My goal for using Quantum Jumping is to gather all the information I can about using our Innate creativity to solve issues in our lives, whether emotional, physical, or financial. I am an Acupuncturist. I implement The BodyTalk System and Matrix Energetics into my treatments. Quantum Jumping has shown me wonderful techniques to use with my patients!!

This is an easy, affordable way for all of us to take personal responsibility in changing our life’s circumstances for the better. Thank you Mr. I would Absolutely recommend it to anyone!

I love Burt Goldman’s teachings!! • Darlene Carswell Fort Myers, Florida. “Possibilities Beyond Your Wildest Expectations” After receiving Mindbox1 and learning more about Burt Goldmans work, I got excited.

His teaching are simple and easy to learn. When Quantum Jumping got out, I had to have it.

It over exceeded my expectations. It is amazing! As any other material of his, it is simple and easy to understand. Having an open mind helps as well. I started to use it to improve my intuition in my work as an EFT practitioner (meridian tapping), so I could connect with my clients on a deeper level. It has helped me take my sessions to the next level in helping my clients.

I highly recommend anyone to take Quantum Jumping to the test. Having your own personal experience with this technique is what’s going to show you possibilities beyond your wildest expectations. Of the American Monk products, I have tested Mindbox 1 and 2, which I also love. My favorite as of now is Quantum Jumping and I still have so much more to explore.

It is an ongoing adventure. Thank You Burt Goldman. Much Love and Blessings to you and yours, • Mary Madeline Day Hawthorne, Florida. “I Have Found An Amazing Teacher” I’m really interested in quantum physics, that is why I decided to purchase your course. The great big surprise I did not expect was to find an amazing teacher (my twin) who taught me how to give EFT courses.

I visited her only once while I was preparing my exposition to a group. The result was marvellous!!!! I presented an excellent exposition because I felt a special guidance talking to me, telling me exactly what to do in every moment.

When I finished giving the course a wonderful sense of fulfillment came. I am thankful and happy, I have of course recommended this to all my friends. It really works as it promises! I love Burt and his last name GOLD- MAN. • Rosalina Garcia, Mexico. “Now I Feel More Vivid And Fresh” I felt to heavy and tired before.

So my goal was to get more energy and feel more convinced, that I choose the right actions in every case. Now I feel more vivid and fresh. I sleep better at night. I have got some very good advice in specific situations: How to be a better grandma, when I babysit my grandson. How to be more firm in working with a sick person. How to relax again, when something is getting in on me.

They are all small things, but they mean a lot on a daily basis. I am convinced, that Quantum Jumping could help a lot of people. For me it has been a breakthrough. I have done a lot of self developing practices for 35 years and have found Quantum Jumping very uplifting. Windows Phone 8 Torrent App there. • Birgit Stephensen Denmark.

“This Is Wild And Wonderful” I felt incredibly inspired to buy the course as my friend had purchased the first one and shared insights with me. My life has improved in two clear ways: 1. I can just have fun imagining like I always have, but now knowing it is my imagination that made all my past magic happen and I can just have fun playing in the Quantum Field. I can get relaxed in a moment’s notice now – I’ve never mediated long before as it was boring! This IS NOT BORING! In short, this is WILD and WONDERFUL. • Marilyn Michael Edmonton, AB.

“I Have Finally Found A Program That Works” For years I’ve imagined using the tools of the universe to receive abundance. I got exactly what I wanted- an easy, user-friendly method that works. Guided by Burt’s Quantum Jumping program, I am overjoyed to know that wherever I am in the world, I travel with the skill of tapping into my own inner wisdom. I would absolutely recommend this program! It provides a path to bring desired things into reality. I think Quantum Jumping is an amazing tool to realize our true purpose. • Nicola Mair Kingston, Jamaica.