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TY Scout does some things BL does not do or does them better. And BL does some things Scout does not do or does them better. I just emailed Mark for an update. Building a new software program IMO is just like building a new house.

Places Scout - Automated Local SEO Software Tools and Solutions. has Google PR 2 and its top keyword is 'places scout' with 8.62% of. Places Scout Package Request Form. Let's get started with building you a package that is uniquely tailored to your needs. Simply answer a few questions below and we will contact you back shortly with some options and pricing for your custom package.

There are always delays and it always takes longer than you think it will to finish the job. BUT when you build a house you typically don't have the foundation shifting under you and messing up the framing you just did so you have to start over. I'd sure hate to program around Google's constant changes! Folks, First, I want to apologize for my lack of communication regarding the upcoming release of the new web-based version of Places Scout. I've been so buried deep in code, managing my guys, and trying to get everything working properly for the upcoming launch that i've have lost sight up keeping everyone up to date as to where we are at with everything, and for that i apologize. Will start doing a better job at this ASAP, starting with regular updates on my website. Rld Avatar Keygen V1 01 Rar Download more.

Places Scout Software

With that out of the way, I have just created the following page on our website that has the current status of where everything is at regarding the upcoming release of the new web-based version of Places Scout: We have started beta testing our new UI this week are looking to launch the new web-based version of Places Scout near the end of this month for certain users on the waiting list and a full public release at the end of February. We will be slowly inviting users to beta test to ensure proper functionality and to help work out any remaining bugs before doing a full public release. Please visit the above link for additional information regarding the upcoming launch of the new Places Scout online version. From here on out i will be regularly updating that page with additional information as it becomes available. We have been working extremely hard at making our new platform a reality, and are very close to wrapping up the final remaining pieces. Here are some sneak peek screenshots: Looking forward to providing you guys with an amazing new Local SEO Platform in the near future!

Best Regards, Mark Kabana.

Location Emulation Location emulation rank tracking technology allows you to change the Google location setting for each search query mimic geo-specific searches - track rankings in specific locations without using the location (geo-modifier) in the search query. • Extremely useful for comprehensive rank tracking reports around the entire geographic region your business is located in, and to cover all use-cases for different ways users search for businesses (i.e. Both with and without the location in the search query) • Nationwide non-geo-specific rank tracking is also available. Time Lapse Reporting Reports can be run multiple times, and Report Run Date selectors allow you to view past historical ranking reports for all run dates • Weekly and monthly changes in rank are provided by default, as well as change in rank since the report was last run • Changes in rank are color coded to easily identify which results have changes in rank • Customizable ranking change time periods allow you to customize the periods of time for which Places Scout computes changes in rank for each keyword. Multi-Location Ranking Summary Views Places Scout's multi-location ranking summary views provide aggregate summary metrics across multiple locations, allowing you to easily digest, summarize, and filter large amounts of data for all of your ranking reports in Places Scout. These views make it easy to see which locations are performing well, as well as those performing poorly, giving you the ability to make quick decisions on where your resources and efforts should be emphasized rather than having to view report data for each individual location.