Vdo Dayton Ms 4150 Software Downloads

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NAVIGATION Service For diagnosing hardware and software problems (code-protected). The option “Service” is exclusively reserved for service work on the navigation radio performed by an authorised service company. System information The “System information” menu displays information about the software and hardware version (for service purposes). Info Points To activate/deactivate the Info Points function. In order to be able to use the Info Points function, you must have C-IQInfo Points data activated.

VDO Dayton offers different models of GPS navigation systems. VDO Dayton makes software updates available. Click on 'Update Files' to download the update for. Aug 12, 2015 VDO DAYTON MS 4100 - Duration: 1:36. Grzegorz Krajewski 10,797 views. Nawigacja VDO Dayton MM5000, PC5100, MS5400.

Vdo Dayton Ms 4150 Software Downloads

TMC source If an external TMC receiver is connected to the navigation radio: Activate the “Ext. TMC Receiver” option to use the TMC receiver as the source for traffic messages. Activate the “Radio” option to use the internal tuner of the navigation radio as the source for traffic messages. This new setting will not be activated until you re-startthe system (switch off the system for 1 minute). Loading software updates In order to extend the range of functions provided by the unit, you can load new software versions from a software update CD, if available for your navigation radio: Switch on the radio. Open the front and remove the CD if still inserted.

Insert the software update CD into the CD player. A safety check appears. Confirm the check with “Yes,” if you want to overwrite the existing operating software. The new operating software is then loaded automatically. The loading progress is indicated by a bar. A On no account must the ignition or radio be switched off during the loading procedure, even if no displays appear on the monitor for a while.

Once loading is complete, you will be prompted to remove the software update CD.Please confirm the completion of the loading procedure with “OK”. The radio will then switch itself off automatically. 1 minute before switching the radio back on.

The navigation radio is now ready for operation with the new operating software. You may need to change the system language according to your requirements. TROUBLESHOOTING In rare instances, your navigation radio may not function the way you expect it to.

Before calling the service department, please read the operating instructions thoroughly and go through the following check list; it may be possible to quickly remedy an apparent malfunction. Symptoms Possible cause / remedy General Navigation radio not functioning. • Check the fuse (unit and vehicle) and the connections (see installation instructions). Audio or map CD rejected by the unit. The CD may be dirty.

• Clean the CD with a special CD cleaning fluid. System switches off the sound during driving or Speedometer signal connected to the wrong pin of the power supply display shows “PHONE IN/MUTE”. • See pin setting ISO chamber A in the installation instructions. The operating panel of the unit feels warm.

The unit always generates some heat. The display shows “Temperature too high” and An integrated safety circuit prevents the temperature in the unit from the volume is lowered. Exceeding a certain value. • Allow the unit to cool (set lower volume) and wait until “Temperature too high” disappears from the display. The egg timer appears and the CD cannot be • Disconnect the power supply from the unit for at least one minute then ejected. Reconnect it.

If this does not work, return the unit to the Service department. The telephone is not being detected even • Call up the initialisation menu, select “Telephone ON” and select “12 V” for though it has been connected to the radio. Nokia hands-freeunits. Unit not functioning / Not suitable for some Some VW and Audi vehicles have different power supply connector pin VW/Audi vehicles assignments (ISO chamber A). • Please ask your dealer for a suitable adapter.

Display still showing “INIT”. Will not function. The unit is faulty. • Take it to the Service department. Radio Poor radio reception.

• Check if the antenna is completely extended and correctly connected. • Verify that the supply power negative pole (brown lead) is correctly connected to earth (vehicle chassis). If the unit is being installed in VW and Audi vehicles, you will need a power supply adapter for the antenna. • Use a suitable adapter (e.g. The display shows the frequency instead of the The unit is set to a station that does not transmit RDS signals or the station name. Transmitter is too weak. The required station cannot be set with The required station is too weak.

Automatic search. • Set required station manually (manual tuning). • Check if the antenna is completely extended and correctly connected.

“TA Scan” or “TMC Scan” has been activated. The radio only tunes to stations with traffic news or TMC information.

• You may need to deactivate the “TA Scan” or “TMC Scan” function. Tuner standard (tuner grid) wrongly set (EUR / USA). • Check the “Tuner Grid:” option in the “Radio” menu. The display shows “Tune to next TA station” “TA Scan” is switched on, the selected station, however, is too weak or does and a warning tone sounds. Not transmit traffic announcements (TA). • Deactivate the “TA Scan” function or set another station.

No traffic announcements are being made (CD, • Activate the “TA Scan” function in the “Information” menu. CD player / MP3 / CD changer Distorted sound / skips during CD play. Player cannot read CD. CD is damaged or soiled. CD player does not work.

In cold weather conditions, condensation may occur on the laser. • Wait approximately 5 minutes until the condensation evaporates. No sound during CD play. Some CDs contain multimedia data which is not recognised by the unit. • Select the next track until music is heard. Problems with new copy-protectedaudio CDs.

Some copy protection procedures are incompatible with accepted standards for audio CDs. This is not a fault on the unit.

TROUBLESHOOTING Display shows “Please insert map CD”. The map CD is required for some functions in navigation mode. English Symptoms Possible cause / remedy Navigation • Insert the C-IQmap CD into the radio CD drive with the label facing upwards.

The number of satellites in the “GPS/Compass” • Ensure that the GPS antenna is not being obstructed by any objects. Information menu is 0. • Move the vehicle outdoors if you are in a garage, a car park or a tunnel. The directions cannot be heard or are very • Press the Info button and set the required Nav volume.

Guidance is not accurate. An inaccuracy of approx. 30 m is within the tolerance limits. • Please contact your authorised dealer if greater inaccuracies frequently occur. The displayed distance to the turning point is calculated to the centre of the junction (especially for extended junctions and main road exits). Displayed position does not correspond to Bad GPS reception for an extended period (e.g. As a result of poor reception actual vehicle position.

The position is corrected automatically when adequate GPS reception returns. • If necessary wait a few minutes., Directions do not correspond to the actual It is possible that the car position calculated by the navigation system is traffic conditions. Incorrect at this instant. The routing may have been changed and does not correspond with the information stored on the map CD. The time in the “GPS/Compass” information • Set the correct time zone in the “INITIALISATION - CLOCK SETTINGS” menu.

Menu is incorrect. Estimated time of arrival displayed on the • Check the time zone in the “INITIALISATION - CLOCK SETTINGS” menu guidance screen is incorrect. (if GPS clock is set). C-IQ During guidance, no traffic information is You do not have a C-IQTraffic info product activated. Displayed, even though the selected radio • Contact C-IQservice to activate C-IQTraffic info contents.

Station is transmitting TMC data. No more directions shortly after crossing the You are travelling in a country for which you do not have activated C-IQmap border.

Only the direction arrow is appearing in contents. The guidance screen. • Contact C-IQService to activate map data for the required country. Display shows “Please insert correct CD”. • Check that you have inserted a map CD which contains C-IQdata.

Map CDs without C-IQwill not be accepted by the system. For more information, please contact the service department or your dealer. Subject to technical modifications and errors. TIPS & TRICKS Tips for convenient operation ■ Cross-borderguidance Owing to the high data volume, the European navigation data is stored on several CD ROMs (map CDs). In order to nevertheless achieve cross-borderguidance, the most important European cities and roads (Major Roads Europe) are additionally stored on the map CDs at present. In order to enable cross-bordernavigation, the C-IQcontent must be activated for the destination and transit countries. Alternatively, route planning can be performed without activation of this feature if the route is covered by the connecting road network (Major Roads Europe).

In this case, no visual and audible guidance is available after crossing the border into a deactivated country. For continuous cross-borderguidance, it is imperative that the relevant C-IQcontent is activated. The following alternative input methods requiring the map data from two or more map CDs are available for activating route planning: Alternative 1: Insert the map CD for the destination country. Start route planning and follow the directional arrow displayed to the next digitised road.

As soon as you have reached the connecting road network, the directional arrow disappears and visual and audible guidance begins. Alternative 2: Insert the map CD for your current location. Start route planning.

Download Sko Software Konter Pulsa Otomatis more. Owing to the data volume, you can only enter a destination which is covered by the connecting road network. When approaching the destination, insert the map CD for the destination country. Then enter details of the destination and start route planning again. Please note that the connecting road network is used exclusively for route planning when the navigation CD of the actual location is not inserted.

Alternative 3: Plan your travel route to a desired border crossing using the navigation CD ROM for your current location. After crossing the border, insert the map CD of your current location and start route planning to your destination or to the next border crossing.