Free Dragon Fursona Template

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Free Dragon Fursona Template

My Rating What I Like None Dislike None Name: Sarah Age: 6 Talents/Skills: painting Height: Weight: Species: Panda Eye Color: blue Fur Color(s): black and white Marking color(s): Distinguishing features: Background info: Habits: no Health: good Hobbies: playing with my dad Style (T-shirt and jeans, sweater and a skirt): big shirt Greatest flaw: Best quality: Intelligence Level (1 to 10): 3 How does Character see himself/herself: Cute How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others: bad How self-confident is the character? (1 to 10): 10 Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic: emotion What would most embarass this character: Boyfriend Introvert or Extrovert: Huh? What would the character like to change in his/her life: nothing What motivates this character: dad What frightens this character: bad dreams Is the character judgmental of others. Is the character generous or stingy. Is the character generally polite or rude: Polite Share to • • • • Gallery.

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Free Dragon Fursona Template

Explore Hannah Lps's board 'Awesome Fursona Drawings & Digital Art' on Pinterest. Dragon, brony art work and. Here's the template. 26 Shades of Nick (ABC. Browse template makeable adoptable fursona xmas dragon pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket.

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Telegram: Discord: From the Wiki Custom Flair If you have a 30x30 icon that you would like set as your custom flair,. Banner Want to nominate some art for the banner? Send us a with the art you want nominated. Hi everybody, Darian from MashMe here! Our friend who worked on Ares of the White Tiger Clan said you loved his character, so I wanted to ask you something. We have started a Kickstarter campaign where you can animate your characters in real time. I wanted to get your feedback - would you be interested in having a character creator, where you could create your 3D fursona from scratch and animate it in real time?

Our idea is for you to be able to pick (for example) a canine like template character and turn it into a wolf or a puppy or everything in between. Our goal is for every character to be completely unique and distinct from each other. I would really like to hear your opinions and suggestions about this.

EDIT: We have continued the conversation here KS campaign link: • • • • •. What would be your plan for non-animators (so a vast majority of furries). Animating isn't exactly easy, you need a very strong backing in it to understand how to do it, how would you manage that as an easy to use program? Or are you proposing this as an advanced program, knowing it will probably have those complications? I know people get super hyped about getting their characters animated, but it's not easy. Kind of like offering Photoshop brushes to a novice, they won't know how to utilize those the same way.