Fujitsu Handydrive Usb Driver

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Fujitsu Handydrive Usb Driver

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Fujitsu HandyDrive 500GB USB 2.0 2.5' External Hard Drive. Simply connect the Fujitsu MMH2500UB HandyDrive External Hard Drive via the USB interface and start.

Fujitsu Handydrive Usb Driver

The Good Super cheap cost per gigabyte; competitive transfer speeds; built-in shock protection; three-year warranty. The Bad Boring design with no alternate color options.

The Bottom Line The Fujitsu HandyDrive isn't very small or exceptionally well-designed, but like all the best things in life, it's fast and cheap. At 26 cents per gigabyte, the HandyDrive gives the best deal for your dollar, and we recommend it to those who are running out of space on their system hard drives. Qlab 2.3.8 Download.

Visit for details. Fujitsu throws a wild card into its product line with a new addition, an external hard drive dubbed the 'HandyDrive.' Its design and functionality are as basic as they come; you don't get extra features like a or, but Fujitsu puts extra effort into performance, offering quick data transfers while maintaining an affordable 27 cents per gigabyte for our $110 400GB test model. With a focus more on utility rather than extra features, the Fujitsu HandyDrive model fits the mold for a casual user who simply needs more storage space than an internal disk can hold. Design and Features The Fujitsu HandyDrive should consider itself lucky to achieve fast benchmarks because it certainly couldn't get by on looks alone.

Fujitsu's bland design and unfortunate lack of color choices just can't compare with undeniably attractive HDDs on the market, like the. Strangely enough, the HandyDrive closely resembles the in size and shape with its downturned curve toward the base. The device is the average size for an external hard drive, measuring 5.6 inches long, 3.2 inches wide, and 0.87 inch deep.