Game Guardian Apk Free Download No Rooting

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Game Guardian Apk Free Download No Rooting

GameGuardian Without Root - Download and install GameGuardian Without Rooting on your Android Smartphone, then follow the steps shown in this article. Download Game Guardian No Root APK app file for Android smart phones and tablets latest version 8.5.10 for free.

Download Game Guardian APK (GGuardian) latest version with older versions as well. Just head over to the exact ver. You need to install on your mobile device. GameGuardian APK Download links (GGuardian Application) are sponsored by our website for viewers. Grobschnitt Rockpalast Germany.

Game Guardian APK Download Latest Version 8.44.1 (Stable) Version Download Link (All Versions) Game Guardian No Root APK GameGuardian 8.44 APK Game Guardian 8.42 APK GameGuardian 8.41.0 GameGuardian 8.37 GGuardian 8.39.1 GameGuardian APK 8.35 Stable Version 8.33 Version 8.32 Version 8.30 Version 8.28 Version 8.27.1 Version 8.26.3 Version 8.25.1 Version 8.21.0 Download the Version 8.42.1 (recommended) with a feature to save path while restarting, it’s gonna save some serious time. The latest version of GGuardian mobile application includes bug fixes with minor improvements. Now you can save the list of items as text from the application itself. Update: Version 8.27 removed because of complaints about stability, prefer downloading 8.27.1 instead. GameGuardian 8.32 apk is a major update for users as it ensures better user experience with any size and type of text search compatibility. In 8.30.1, there have been many changes and improvements. For instance, search for strings (HEX, AoB) through the built-in Lua script has been added.

The speed of the first search on many firmware and emulators is increased. The removal of older versions, floating icons, and much more have been improved to a significant amount. LUA scripting has been added to this version of APK uptodown which was one of the most awaited features of the application. Now you can even resize the floating icon for better management of different applications simultaneously.

Our servers are now lighting fast ensuring the best in class experience for our viewers. App Name Game Guardian Requires Android 2.3+ App Size 8.65 MB Version 8.44.1 Developer GameGuardian Total Installs 3,50,00,000+ Last Updated December 21, 2017 What’s new • Added LUA function getRangesList. • Added option to set a black backgrounds on tabs. • Improved UI. • Improved installer. • Updated translations. • Updated API docs.

• Fixed bugs. • Built with support for ARMv5. All the links are verified and a download will be served over the secure protocol for your personal safety.

We highly discourage any type of foul link and download to keep the internet a safe place. In the version 8.27.1, we have enrolled compatibility with ARMv5 making the application useful for more users. With some UI improvements and bug fixes, latest file here.

Added for more stability based on earlier feedback by the users. A lot of crashes were earlier reported by the users and we have fixed most of them in this update. The most advanced feature of background search also added in this ver.

GameGuardian 8.26.3 version was a landmark development in the history of the game. Came with exciting features for noob users. With improved UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience), this download also accompanies a better ‘help’ section. GameGuardian 8.25.1 version came with life-saving Improved UI, fixing major bugs in the application resulting better display in all the mobile devices.

The translations have been updated to comply with better coding. Along with the basic features, the address (mask) search has been added in this ver. Of GameGuardian Apk. Coming to the speed optimizations, a notable effect could be seen in the group search feature.

8.21.0 includes minor performance improvements and ‘memory dump’ feature which was requested since long from the community members. You will also be able to convert the XOR files with GameGuardian APK latest Version. You can also define the exact range for downloading the software. Enjoy free updates in User Interface with the latest ver.

And don’t forget to leave feedback about the same. The detailed information about the GameGuardian APK app and its is available on following. Since it’s a data modifying tool, root permission is always needed.

One should be enough smart to take backups before altering values because one wrong step could damage the mobile device. This application is compatible with Bluestacks on Windows and all Android devices.

So far no update of Game Guardian app supports to jailbreak iPhone devices. You can download it on any version of Android 2.2+. However, there are some compatibility and UI issues on small screen phones. We hope you’re able to download the correct version of Download using our page.