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The first thing you need to do if you need to weigh your garage door is to find a scale that you would normally use to weigh yourself. Try to find a older scale that is not digital because sometimes if you add weight to a digital scale it will not give you the new reading it will just give you the original reading when weight was applied to the scale. The kind of scale I am talking about is one that has a dial and it spins back and forth when you step onto the scale.

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You will need a couple of things before you start to attempt to weigh your door the first is an assistant or somebody to help you read the scale as you are putting the full weight of the garage door on it. Other is a set of winding bars that a garage door technician would use to wined up the torsion springs. Stubbs The Zombie Xbox Iso Torrent more. Get a professional pair of winding bars You will probably not find a professional pair of winding bars at a retail hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot so the next best thing is to go to a retail hardware store and buy 2 pieces of all thread that is 5 eighths of an inch thick and at least 18 inches long it would be better to have two bars but just to weigh the door most of the time you can get away with just one. Also you will most likely need a ladder to reach the torsion springs. Anytime I have had to weigh a garage door this is the procedure that I would use. The first step would be to open the garage door with the garage door opener if you have one if you do not have a garage door opener this does not apply.

Garage Door Spring Calculator Software

So once you have your winding bars your assistant to read the weight on the scale and your ladder it’s time to begin. If you have an opener and you have open the garage door with your garage door opener then you will need to pull down on the emergency release cord this is the red cord and handle that hangs down from the trolley on your opener real this allows you to open the door manually by hand.